Jackpot Racing is a triathlon club with its roots in Yorkshire, but with members from all over the UK, and anyone can apply for membership. The club aims to provide a slightly more ‘competitive’ edge to triathlon training and competition than most other clubs. And although most members take part in single discipline events like cycling TTs and running marathons, the emphasis is definitely on multi-sports.

These are the Club’s objectives and core values:

1. Jackpot Racing members aim to compete rather than complete. They try to win, or get as close as possible. Racing hard is fundamental to the Team’s existence.

2. Racing events as a Team, in team colours, is considered important.

3. Jackpot Racing will look for opportunities to promote and develop racing, quality training and competition in partnership with other clubs.

4. Jackpot Racing will promote excellence, professionalism and courtesy at every opportunity.

You can view the members of the team here along with short profiles. They’ll normally be in front, so this is your best chance to see their faces 😉