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Chris Brown spent the morning squelching around in wet trainers as he did a swim-run event appropriately names as keen as mustard (was Chris as keen as mustard hhhmmmm not so sure)

let’s see what he says

The first half started with the longer sections of running and swimming, I was wondering what I’d got myself in too and if it was really such a good way to celebrate father’s day. As the sections got shorter or I slowed down, who knows I started to enjoy it!

Overall it was an enjoyable experience in the end. It’s a bit different to the modern-day triathlon, with no onerous check-in, no commerciality, start when you’re ready relaxed feel, no splits, no officious race marshalls. a bit like triathlon used to be before it became more a business and money-making exercise.

I will definitely do another one at some point.

Summer Solstice Ride

Jackpot had its first summer solstice social ride out, with a group of 11 riders including the future Jackpotters in tow made for a fun night. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t as kind, with the winter solstice been officially a warmer day than the summer made for a cool ride.

Its been a minute

Well after a flat 2020 for events and motivation and the world, Jackpot Racing has started to get back into the swing of things with a number of the team taking up a number of different events


Eddie Howarth taking on a little gravel ride 65 miles 6,617 ft elevation gain you could say it was a little lumpy. His back was busted up or something he didn’t really complain too much the next week at all.

WTS Leeds Triathlon

With this being such a local event, you can’t help but support it. Jackpot had a number of the team out.

Pre-race was all about how rusty people felt and how busted up Eddies back was still from a gravel ride. Expectations were on the let’s not drawn end of the scale.

Helen Drew 1st female in age group and 6th female overall

Eddie Howarth 3rd in age group

Tim Ashelfotd 3rd in age group

Richard Roberts 6th in age group and 16th overall

Alistair Cooke 19th in age group

Well, no one drowned and the rust was well and truly brushed off, with strong performances for everyone. Let’s just take a small second to love the uphill blue carpet finish. (I mean whoever put that uphill finish in was having a bad day it was brutal)

Swim Run

A slightly different direction but still the same mindset for the team

Mika 1st overall over the 21k distance. A positive start to a new discipline so watch this space.

Chris Brown absolutely loved it and really enjoyed the running especially pre-race felt a little like aaaaaaaaarg, bit of a swim, aaaaarg, swim, aaaaarg, so you can get the idea was an A race and high on the list of FUN.

What’s next?

Eddie is back out on the bike to complete coast to coast, so looking forward to another non-complaining week post-ride.

Redcar and York triathlon, a few cycle events may be more swim aaarrg may be on the cards let’s see what we all get up to mixing it up.