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A Day At The Seaside

Sunday started out like any normal day at the beach. Impossible to park, loads of seagulls crapping on your car (I had just cleaned it) and the locals complaining about the day-trippers, that’s where the experience ended as it was Redcar triathlon, a European qualifying event.

The day started with registration the queue to register was massive, lots of people standing around looking like they knew what they were doing and warming up. I on the other hand was not so prepared after a trip back to the car (I had forgotten where I had parked it, to get my race licence) and I was back, to another massive queue.

After racking the bike and all the usual arguing with the race official about leaving bags in transition, it was off to the beach, thinking how bad can this be, it didn’t look too rough. On the beach and off for a test / first sea swim ever. I was soon back on the sand. this wasn’t the plan, mother nature had assessed my talents and preparation and said “NO” your best on the sand nice and safe, so washed me back. I gave it another go and managed to get about 15 meters out I turned around, safe on the beach feeling like I had just been wrestling, I was no longer that confident.

at the start line among the race hats, before I knew it the race was off another wrestle/fight before my feet had hit the water, God this is getting old already, mother nature was still telling me I should have stayed on the beach and gave me a good smashing. Back on the beach and what felt like a 1k run to transition I was feeling sick and done in

On the bike wasn’t too bad got in with a small 3 man team and worked our way around the bike course picking up a young Junior racer on our travels who only took a pull for the camera and lasted no more than 3 seconds (good work lol) the headwind seemed to be constant so was fun.

Run Action shot
Fresh off the bike and looking inward thinking why am I doing this.

Still feeling green from the swim and the salt water and sand shook around in the gut from the bike I was ready to run. The run went without much drama to be fair lots of dead turns gave you lots of opportunities to see must have a green tinge to their cheeks made me feel better.

Coming away with 2nd in age group, 18th overall I must say I would do the race again, not sure why but it was that type II fun.

The biggest downside and let down was the fish butty after, who leaves the skin on rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making Ironman First Attempt Look Simple And Back To Mind Blowing Times For Others

This weekend had Kate take on her first Ironman event at Ironman UK , known for being a brutal event and it didn’t disappoint. Kate came away on top of the box being the First Lady home after the top 3 pro women. She was the fastest Agre group women of the day. The big question now is will she want to go to Kona ????? after all it would make a nice holiday destination.

Tom van Rossum was out in team colours this weekend as well, at Outlow 70.3. He is back after 2 years of no racing to his crushing ways and mind-blowing speed. Suffering from a puncture before getting out of transition probably wasn’t how he would like to have started the bike leg.

We will be back with full race reports once Kate has stopped eating and can walk again and Tom has fixed his puncture.

Chris Brown spent the morning squelching around in wet trainers as he did a swim-run event appropriately names as keen as mustard (was Chris as keen as mustard hhhmmmm not so sure)

let’s see what he says

The first half started with the longer sections of running and swimming, I was wondering what I’d got myself in too and if it was really such a good way to celebrate father’s day. As the sections got shorter or I slowed down, who knows I started to enjoy it!

Overall it was an enjoyable experience in the end. It’s a bit different to the modern-day triathlon, with no onerous check-in, no commerciality, start when you’re ready relaxed feel, no splits, no officious race marshalls. a bit like triathlon used to be before it became more a business and money-making exercise.

I will definitely do another one at some point.

Summer Solstice Ride

Jackpot had its first summer solstice social ride out, with a group of 11 riders including the future Jackpotters in tow made for a fun night. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t as kind, with the winter solstice been officially a warmer day than the summer made for a cool ride.