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Its been a minute

Well after a flat 2020 for events and motivation and the world, Jackpot Racing has started to get back into the swing of things with a number of the team taking up a number of different events


Eddie Howarth taking on a little gravel ride 65 miles 6,617 ft elevation gain you could say it was a little lumpy. His back was busted up or something he didn’t really complain too much the next week at all.

WTS Leeds Triathlon

With this being such a local event, you can’t help but support it. Jackpot had a number of the team out.

Pre-race was all about how rusty people felt and how busted up Eddies back was still from a gravel ride. Expectations were on the let’s not drawn end of the scale.

Helen Drew 1st female in age group and 6th female overall

Eddie Howarth 3rd in age group

Tim Ashelfotd 3rd in age group

Richard Roberts 6th in age group and 16th overall

Alistair Cooke 19th in age group

Well, no one drowned and the rust was well and truly brushed off, with strong performances for everyone. Let’s just take a small second to love the uphill blue carpet finish. (I mean whoever put that uphill finish in was having a bad day it was brutal)

Swim Run

A slightly different direction but still the same mindset for the team

Mika 1st overall over the 21k distance. A positive start to a new discipline so watch this space.

Chris Brown absolutely loved it and really enjoyed the running especially pre-race felt a little like aaaaaaaaarg, bit of a swim, aaaaarg, swim, aaaaarg, so you can get the idea was an A race and high on the list of FUN.

What’s next?

Eddie is back out on the bike to complete coast to coast, so looking forward to another non-complaining week post-ride.

Redcar and York triathlon, a few cycle events may be more swim aaarrg may be on the cards let’s see what we all get up to mixing it up.

The land of Lego, Haribo, Lurpak and now Duathlon World Championships

While the rest of us were catching our breath during the summer heat wave, Jackpot’s Gordon Kilroy was competing in the world duathlon championships. Here is what Gordon had to say.


“ITU Fyn in Denmark was my first time at the Duathlon World Championships. Another first was having to get my bike scanned for a motor! They even drug tested one of the GB athletes. Clearly things were a bit more serious than the usual local races! The race itself was delayed three times which meant 3 warm ups and last minute toilet stops. The first run started in the Kings Garden and went through the town and into another park where the course had been invaded by a family of swans.

T1 took us into an underground car park, which made finding my bike easier. The bike course was quite technical to start taking us out of town onto a simple out and back on a dual carriageway. The final run was one more lap around the town and parks. The good weather had brought the locals out in support. The race had gone well and had been an enjoyable experience. I finished in 77th place, 13th in my AG.”

Welldone Gordon.

not-a-race report 2

On the same weekend that others were busy qualifying for some minor events like Kona and ITU World Champs, Chris Brown was busying himself closer to home qualifying for a free pint being given to all who completed the Total Warrior.

The event ran along pretty much standard lines: gym bunnies hurtle out of the blocks and blow up by the second obstacle. Lots of jumping over things, carrying logs, crawling through tunnels, being electrocuted and, of course, mud.  The difference with this event, though, was that it took place in lovely weather.  With temperatures of 28-degrees getting into the mud pits was quite refreshing.

Chris  had this to say following his second obstacle course race, “I’d still recommend these events to everyone as a refreshing change from swim/bike/run. Most take around 2hrs, so they are definitely an endurance event.  And, I did notice, that TW had a timed wave at the beginning.  Given that I started triathlon ‘for fun’ following a smashed wrist, I can see where all of this is going… ☹”.

Welldone Chris.

Post GDPR Report….

That’s right folks this is the first race report since the Greater Doncaster Prologue Race (GDPR). As some of you know unfortunately my training had been hampered by my key project in this year’s calendar, and after not gaining full consent from my girlfriend I had to withdraw from the GDPR and the Outlaw Half in Pursuit of Jackpot members east in the land of rising sun!

Gordon Kilroy, Nice rhythm

After a limited winter race calendar which forced the Clumber Park duathlon to be rescheduled, the spring season finally got under way.  The Ripon Hornblower duathlon took part on the grounds of  Ripon Grammar School which proudly educated Jackpot’s Martin Stoney would you believe!

The Sprint distance saw Tom Van Rossum take top spot,  Rich Knell-Moore arriving 13th overall and Tim Ashelford 21st and second in his age group.

Clumber park duathlon was rescheduled, and with Eddie Howarth tapering for IM Lanzarote it was David Barnett and Gordon Kilroy representing Jackpot. David finished 15th in his age group with a 10k PB and a time of 2:12. Gordon 10th in his age group 2:03 and qualifying for the ITU in Denmark.


Well done guys.

Temple Newsham Ten

While many of us were sniffling away trying to get rid of the several flu and cold epidemics, or icing a swollen ankle after trying to reenact ‘a Strictly showpiece’ a few Jackpotters donned there racing attire to give their lungs and legs a good thrashing around Temple Newsam Estate.

It was the Temple Newsam Ten, which follows 10 miles of beautiful off road terrain that visit parts of the Temple Newsam estate you didn’t know existed (unless you did it last year).

Notwithstanding the Jackpot dropouts (including myself ahem) Eddie Howarth managed to get him self to the start line after a a few shandies too many the night before, with some of the newer welcomed members of JR making an appearance Andy Jackson and David Barnett. But it was Kate Corcoran  and TVR who stole the show, here it was Kate had to say…

“I could think of a few better things to do on a cold Sunday morning… after queuing up to register, queueing up to go to the toilet, I headed to the start line. There was a good turn out- over 800 runners and nice to see lots of fellow Jacpot racers too! The race finally started and at last I could warm up. I realised early on I was in a good place with maybe 1 or 2 ladies in front of me…. but I can’t tell you much about the course as I failed to take in any of the sights, apparently we passed a golf course, Wood, lake, manor house?

I just tried to focus on where I was putting my feet and keeping my eyes on people in front. First 5 miles all good- I kept check of my pace trying not to get to excited and push too early, thankfully someone told me at the start that the hills were at the end. Advice noted and appreciated. After 5 miles the next bit seemed to turn muddier and as expected much hillier, Marshalls were shouting out I was first but I was in denial saying thank you and telling them I wasn’t- I hadn’t noticed passing any Ladies in front of me so they’d clearly got it wrong?

The final hill was a killer and I was pleased to see the finish line and a few other jackpot finishers. And then confirmation that I was indeed first! … I later found out that the lady in second had stopped for a toilet break and she couldn’t catch me up- clearly she’d been put off by the toilet queue. Final result 40th in 1:11:48.”

What a great result, well done Kate. Meanwhile as Kate’s race was unfolding Tom Van Rossum was testing his knee after significant time off after his shivery day out at IM Wales. Despite the lack of miles, and Tom’s plan to race easy over the challenging course, his competitive nature took over.  Remaining knee pain free throughout the race Tom finished second overall in a time of 1:03:35.

Welldone TVR.

A little further down the field Eddie Howarth finished in 1:12:02 and 42nd overall, David Barnett in 1:20:11 and Andy Jackson 1:27:54

Weldon Guys, great work.