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Temple Newsham Ten

While many of us were sniffling away trying to get rid of the several flu and cold epidemics, or icing a swollen ankle after trying to reenact ‘a Strictly showpiece’ a few Jackpotters donned there racing attire to give their lungs and legs a good thrashing around Temple Newsam Estate.

It was the Temple Newsam Ten, which follows 10 miles of beautiful off road terrain that visit parts of the Temple Newsam estate you didn’t know existed (unless you did it last year).

Notwithstanding the Jackpot dropouts (including myself ahem) Eddie Howarth managed to get him self to the start line after a a few shandies too many the night before, with some of the newer welcomed members of JR making an appearance Andy Jackson and David Barnett. But it was Kate Corcoran  and TVR who stole the show, here it was Kate had to say…

“I could think of a few better things to do on a cold Sunday morning… after queuing up to register, queueing up to go to the toilet, I headed to the start line. There was a good turn out- over 800 runners and nice to see lots of fellow Jacpot racers too! The race finally started and at last I could warm up. I realised early on I was in a good place with maybe 1 or 2 ladies in front of me…. but I can’t tell you much about the course as I failed to take in any of the sights, apparently we passed a golf course, Wood, lake, manor house?

I just tried to focus on where I was putting my feet and keeping my eyes on people in front. First 5 miles all good- I kept check of my pace trying not to get to excited and push too early, thankfully someone told me at the start that the hills were at the end. Advice noted and appreciated. After 5 miles the next bit seemed to turn muddier and as expected much hillier, Marshalls were shouting out I was first but I was in denial saying thank you and telling them I wasn’t- I hadn’t noticed passing any Ladies in front of me so they’d clearly got it wrong?

The final hill was a killer and I was pleased to see the finish line and a few other jackpot finishers. And then confirmation that I was indeed first! … I later found out that the lady in second had stopped for a toilet break and she couldn’t catch me up- clearly she’d been put off by the toilet queue. Final result 40th in 1:11:48.”

What a great result, well done Kate. Meanwhile as Kate’s race was unfolding Tom Van Rossum was testing his knee after significant time off after his shivery day out at IM Wales. Despite the lack of miles, and Tom’s plan to race easy over the challenging course, his competitive nature took over.  Remaining knee pain free throughout the race Tom finished second overall in a time of 1:03:35.

Welldone TVR.

A little further down the field Eddie Howarth finished in 1:12:02 and 42nd overall, David Barnett in 1:20:11 and Andy Jackson 1:27:54

Weldon Guys, great work.