Derwent Duathlon + Grizedale (and a broken toe) + Hardmoors 55

I was in a small panic earlier – all had been quiet on the Matt Hallam front this weekend and then news pops through the letterbox that indeed he has been out annihilating the field yet again! Matt raced at the Derwent Duathlon held in the Peak District. There are two different runs, ie a 4.25km fell run up to the top of Derwent Edge and back and then a 7km out and back road run, however the athlete needs to choose which run to do first. The bike section in the middle is an undulation 29km around the reservoir.  Matt chose the fell run first and won – AGAIN! – beating his own time by 2 minutes and beating the course record (also held by Matt!).  Tremendous racing again!

Gold for Matt!
Gold for Matt!

Up to the Lakes and Tom Linton-Neal at the Grizedale Duathlon – Tom took 7th overall after finishing the bike section in joint 2nd/3rd with the second fastest bike of the day!  A hard fall on the second run meant that Tom lost a few places and was knocked back to 7th. Further news this evening tells us that Tom’s big toe is broken 🙁 we really wish you a very speedy recovery Tom…

Tom's toe
Tom’s big toe

Lastly, Neil Midgley took to the Hardmoors 55 – a run race over 55 miles from Helmsley to Guisborough.  We know he completed it…we have seen photos…just awaiting results 🙂