David Bishop @ Challenge Paguera!

The sun shone down on David Bishop this weekend at Challenge Paguera in Mallorca. The sun greeted athletes for a change (the IM races this year were completely under water in the bike and run as well as the swim and there was no mention of a jelly fish.  It was David’s first race at the middle distance and WOW! Listen to this…

… He crossed the line in 4:03:38, just 7 minutes behind the race leader and took an overall position of 5th. What a start to middle distance racing…what a stunning race David!

David - pudding fest :-)
David – celebrating 🙂

post script: David should have been awarded 2nd place.  Three athletes were disqualified for drafting (they didn’t serve their 5 minute penalty when shown a blue card). However, they were reinstated because the referee showed them all the card at the same time instead of individually.  The athletes protested and were let off on a technicality… poor show we think!