Max Hazell

Max Hazell, TriathlonName: Max Hazell
From: Loughborough / Bath
Favourite Discipline: Cycle
Favourite Race: Cotswolds Triathlon
Best result: 3rd Half Challenge UK

Profile: I started out as a swimmer from Bath, and after realising I wasn’t going to amount to much in one sport, I took up Triathlon where the odds are three times better. Since this decision, I’ve placed 16th at 70.3 UK, 3rd at Half Challenge UK, and 13th pro at 5150 Zurich. I’m now studying and training in Loughborough alongside some world class athletes and many other Jackpot members. My ultimate aim in triathlon is Kona. I once did a 45 hour training week without knowing, purely because I had nothing else to do.